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Artist Statement 
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Artist Statement

As an abstract painter, I explore the intersection of the supernatural and the mysteries of the universe. Using acrylic and spray paint, I create vibrant and dynamic compositions that capture the energy and mystique of the cosmos. My work is a visual journey into the unknown, seeking to encapsulate the unseen forces and enigmatic beauty that surround us. Through bold colors and energetic forms, I invite viewers to experience the wonder and intrigue of the universe as I perceive it. My paintings are not just art; they are expressions of my quest to understand and convey the profound mysteries of existence.


Jen pursued her passion for art at West Chester University in Pennsylvania, where she earned her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree. Her education provided a solid foundation in various techniques and styles, guiding her toward the abstract expressions she is known for today.

Having recently relocated to Southern Maine from Pennsylvania, she has exhibited her work in multiple galleries and shows locally and abroad, gaining recognition in the contemporary art scene.

Outside of painting, Jen enjoys stargazing and immersing herself in books and shows on exobiology, quantum physics, and cosmology. These pursuits continually fuel her creative process, offering inspiration for her work that invites viewers on a visual journey into the unknown and encourages exploration of the profound mysteries of existence through her artistic perspective.

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